Yangtze Industry Fund Awarded Top 5 of China's Best Government Guidance Funds in 2017

Yangtze Industry Fund continues to receive applause and recognition from the industry.

Our Partners

Leveraging the platform of guidance fund with a global vision, Hubei Yangtze River Economic Belt Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd connects financial resources, projects and talents to cultivate an ecosphere where industry leaders, renowned domestic and international PE investors, banks and insurance companies, government agencies and management teams gather, making the managers and partners of FOFs invested by Yangtze Industry Fund the strategic partners to the implementation of the 13th Five-year Plan for economic and social development of Hubei. 

Mission Statement

Following the blueprint of Hubei Provincial government, Yangtze Industry Fund focuses on strategic emergent industries and implements Hubei’s Action Plan for "Made in China 2025" to promote the industrial transition and upgradation in Hubei. The key is to support innovations and development of the strategic and foundational industries with strong drive and positive externality, cultivate industry leaders and ecosphere, build up industry value chains and enhance industrial core competitivity by means of M&A and equity investments, so as to form modern industry system with Hubei features.

Cooperation Mechanism

Yangtze Industry Fund strives to promote coordination between institutions, to attract top quality institutions to settle in Hubei, to form a cluster of funds and build a healthy fund ecosphere.